Happy Holidays!!

This will be my last posting before Christmas so I wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays!

If you’ve got the holiday blues and you’re missing some real baseball rather than everyone just TALKING about it, don’t forget:

Pitchers and catchers report in 53 days

First Illinois game in 62 days

First Spring Training game in 65 days

First Illinois home game in 94 days

First Cubs game in 100 days

and first Cubs home game in 107 days.

take heart, there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Merry Christmas!


2 Responses to “Happy Holidays!!”

  1. Guys,

    Non-baseball thought:

    Everybody have a good Christmas…

    …and a better new year…

    …and the people you love…

    …tell them you love them…

    …because tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us…

    …so say it today.

    And, Go Halos.


  2. well said DonS..

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