Hill finding a home with the Orioles?

Looks like Rich Hill’s career may have another lease on life.  The Orioles may announce tomorrow that they may acquire him from the Cubs for a PTBNL. 

The advantage for Hill is that he’d be back together with old friends.  He’s worked with both pitching coach Rich Kranitz and bullpen coach Alan Dunn while in the Cubs organization.

I personally liked Hill when he came into the Cubs organization but last year’s debacle can be described as nothing else but the yips.  He simply couldn’t get the ball over the plate at the AAA, A or Rookie level.  My concern from the Cubs standpoint, is if Rich Hill gets his head screwed back on straight, Mr PTBNL better fill the bill.

Update:  The deal has been finalized tonight.  Hill is an Oriole now. Also tonight, the Cubs traded Michael Wuertz to Oakland for minor leaguers Richie Robnett and Justin Sellers

I don’t anything about these guys yet and Wuertz was certainly no great shakes but don’t these deals recently (the Hill deal notwithstanding) seem to be made by a rebuilding team?

just saying…

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