Hockey at Wrigley: but where were the Blackhawks?

A rather exciting day at Wrigley Field, no doubt… if you ignore the final score. 

Over 40,000 fans showed up in the freezing weather today to watch the Detroit Red Wings take on the Chicago Blackhawks at the Cubs home field.  The fans were mostly of the Blackhawk nature but otherwise it was you could say it was neutral territory. 

I watched the second and third periods on TV.  By that time, the Blackhawks had already done their damage and the Red Wings were just getting warmed up.  Detroit scored five unanswered goals to win the game 6-4. 

But from NHL’s and MLB’s point of view, it doesn’t matter who won.  They are really promoting this as some sort of historical event.  A “Winter Classic” it is.  And it looks like it won’t be the last New Year’s event at a baseball park.  They are already talking about where to hold next year’s New Year’s event. 

PS Al Yellon from Bleed Cubbie Blue has some nice photos of the event.

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  1. The Blackhawks of today remind me of the Bulls of yesterday, a young team, on the verge, having to go through Detroit to achieve their Championship dreams!

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