If I Was Their GM

spMETSKK33Although I am a diehard White Sox fan and have loved them for over forty years, I couldn’t help thinking about how a couple of trades might really help the Chicago Cubs.  Kevin Gregg has been a disaster as the team’s closer, with Carlos Marmol not doing much better.  Perhaps Angel Guzman should be given a shot, but what this team really needs is a proven closer.  Enter Billy Wagner, the going nowhere fast, New York Mets just brought Billy the Kid off the disabled list, and he looked like he’s still got it.  Only thing is, the Mets signed KRod as their closer in the offseason, and are paying Wags bigtime closer money, even though he’s not closing.  It might be a gamble, trading away a good young arm, but I would trade Angel Guzman for Billy Wagner.  Next I’d be knocking on the Cleveland Indians door looking for a proven lefty relief specialist.  Sure Sean Marshall has looked okay in that role from time to time this season, and Rafael Perez has been lousy all year.  But I’d trade Marshall to the Tribe in exchange for Perez & his lefthanded nasty stuff.  Wondering what you Cub fans think of my proposed deals, if you agree, contact Jim Hendry.  I can’t believe I’m actually trying to help the Cubs.  Sheesh, what’s next, a snake & a mongoose sitting down to tea?

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  1. I’m one of the few that isn’t calling for Marmol to be the closer. I think he does fine (well, usually) where he is right now.

    I don’t know exactly what the answer is but I do agree with you… they need to go outside and find a proven closer. Not Marmol, probably not Guzman, and certainly not Gregg.

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