Lou Piniella: It’s a Cubs thing

Sometimes I never know if Piniella is joking with the media or if it’s just old age settling in.

Asked about the “controversy” last spring when Ozzie Guillen didn’t want to finish a game with the Cubs because of a lack of arms in the pen and the chance to play them this year:

“I better circle that game on the calendar,” he said, turning around in his office chair to look at the schedule. “I didn’t know. Oh, there they are–the White Sox. On the 4th (of March), on a Sunday. How about that one? You guys aren’t kidding me?”

Piniella was assured the exhibition-game tie caused a huge ruckus.

“Where’s Rothschild?” he shouted in reference to pitching coach Larry Rothschild. “We’d better get our rotation in order.”

Better get him a clapper, too. For the bullpen.

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