Monday Roundup- Barry, Andruw and Cubs’ Wild Card Chances


ESPN calls it “The Barry Show”.

I call it media overload.

Update:  Bonds didn’t disappoint Giant fans in his first at-bat back.  He nearly hit a homerun.  It was ruled ground rule double and he eventually scored.



Is it official?  Has Andruw Jones after hitting his 49th homerun, now reached his full potential? 

That may be a bit harsh.  After all, AJ has hit over 25 HR for the last 8 years, driven over 100 runs for 4 years and scored over 100 for 3.  But am I the only one who feels that he hasn’t played up to his potential (at least what we were told he could do when he came up) until now? 

In 2006, Jones will have to deal with “perceived expections”.  Whether or not, he can match this year’s performance remains to be seen.


Cubs Wild Card Chances?

Wait, can that be right?  Ok, they may be slim but after going nine for their last twelve, their names are beginning to be mentioned.  At this point, they are 5 1/2 games back in the Wild Card race.  And the difficult part is that there are lots of teams ahead of them.  But that won’t stop a die-hard from from hoping. 

Bleed Cubbie Blue takes us back to 1995 when the Cubs were in a very similar situation as they are now.  They lost the last two games of the season and didn’t win the Wild Card race.  But it was dang close.


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