Padres take chance on Prior

The San Diego Padres have signed local product Mark Prior to a one-year contract worth $1 million plus incentives. 

Sure, I’d love to say that the Padres are crazy for signing the oft-injured right-hander who hasn’t given the Cubs any good output since 2003 but in reality the deal looks solid for both parties involved. 

One million dollars is chump change and the Padres won’t miss that.  If the incentives factor in (I don’t think the details are out) and they have to pony up, well, then Prior must have done something right.  Money aside, the most valuable thing that the Pads are giving up is a roster spot.  Assuming, they are lucky enough to use him. 

From Prior’s perspective, San Diego is the place to go.  He’s going to his boyhood home.  He pitched at University of San Diego High School.  Also, he’s going to pitch along with the best including former teammate Greg Maddux not to mention 2007 Cy Young unam Jake Peavy. 

That all said, I  don’t foresee another breakout year by him. The percentages are too much against him.  It’s said that he won’t be ready till May.  My bet is that it will be later than that. 

By the way, Baseball Musings’ David Pinto wrote an article for The Sporting News on the Prior acquisition by the Padres putting a historical spin on the signing.

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