Pie just might justify my draft pick of him yet

…but more importantly, has anyone noticed that Ryan Dempster has only given up one run so far this season?  Did anyone even foresee anything remotely like that coming into this season?  No one I talked to, that’s for sure.  The season is early, to be sure.  But it’s still a good start.

Felix Pie, on the other hand, is off to a poor start and that is disappointing but not too surprising.  I figure he needs some more seasoning.  Today’s game winning hit in the 15th inning will go far to impress the right people… maybe. 

The Pignatiello experiment is over and Sean Marshall is back.  None too soon it seems.  We needed him in the marathon session against the Pirates.  He got the save allowing one hit in the inning he pitched.  Some panicked when he and the redhead were sent down but I had a feeling we’d be seeing Marshall sometime soon.  As for Murton, we’ll see. 

That’s four in a row, Cub fans. 

One more thing:  A couple days ago I linked to a very funny video in the Hardball Made Easy series put out by Easton.  I watched the rest of them and found one starring Carlos Zambrano that’s just as hilarious.  Check it out.

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