Greg Maddux

Roger Clemens

In this day of over hype, sometimes REAL stories slip through the cracks. Unbelievably I find myself 200 miles north of Chicago, when my home is only two miles from Wrigley Field. Tonite Roger Clemens (342-175) of the Hoston Astros will take on Greg Maddux (325-199) and the Chicago Cubs. Maddux earned his 306th career win over Clemens, who had 329 victories at the time, with a 3-2 win on April 29, 2005. It was the first time since Tim Keefe and Jim Gavin pitched against each other on July 21, 1892 that two 300-game winners met in the National League. This may be the last time two three hundred game winners ever square off against one another. It is becoming harder and harder to get to 300 wins, with five man rotations, pitch counts, & deep bullpens.

Even though I’ve always been a Chicago White Sox fan, I’ve always been a Greg Maddux fan. I take alot of crap when I wear my Maddux tee shirt (in Cubbie blue). Greg was born on my birthday, ten years later, and has been a member of my APBA team the Chicago Champions since his first card. Maddux just picked up his 300th win in Pittsburgh versus the Three River Gamblers, while Roger Clemens trails him in alltime Illowa APBA League wins by two at 298. So even though I’m in Waupaca, my butt will be in front of my new TV, tuned in to WGN-TV.


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