Prior down for the count

Well, Cub fans are in the doldrums.  Mark Prior has a shoulder injury that will keep him from starting the season.  The Cubs management is full PR form saying this really isn’t as bad as it really looks. 

“I’m very pleased,” Cubs team trainer Mark O’Neal said of the initial report. “There’s bad news, extremely bad news, that could come out of it.”

Whaaa?  Maybe that first sentence didn’t come out the way he intended.

O’Neal continues:

“Right now, if this is a posterior shoulder strain, we’re going to deal with it like you would a hamstring strain. Unfortunately, it’s in the shoulder. So yes, for us, it’s pretty good news,” he said.

Good news, bad news, maybe that rumored Tejada/Prior trade that everyone was pooh-poohing earlier this year doesn’t sound so bad in retrospect.


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  1. The baseball season must be about to start as Mark Prior & Kerry Wood are ailing.

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