Thousands of Cub fans audition to sing during the 7th inning stretch


(Photo:NBC News)

A host of Cubs fans are auditioning for a chance to sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame  during the seventh inning stretch at the September 22 ballgame. 

As many as 2700 fans are auditioning and the organization will narrow it down to 50 semi-finalists which will be voted on by fans. 

Singing ability will not be a pre-requisite:

“Harry wasn’t Pavoratti. It’s not necessarily about singing ability. It’s about passion and enthusiasm for the Cubs and I think you’ve seen that from a lot of our contestants today,” added (Cub’s Jay) Blunk.

That last point can’t be stressed more.  Anybody will be better than country singer Kellie “They call that the outfield, right?” Pickler, right?

3 Responses to “Thousands of Cub fans audition to sing during the 7th inning stretch”

  1. The cubs totally suck!! They couldn’t score if they were playing
    T-ball. You couldn’t be lucky enough to get Kellie Pickler back there. You have any idea how many tuned in and were there just for her? Sure as hell wasn’t for the cubs. lol…. jack asses!

  2. BTW, that isn’t a random Cubs fan in the picture. That’s the TV reporter who filed the story.

    Nice of our televison station to ignore the little 6 year old kid, the two 80 year old ladies doing a duet, etc. in favor of putting up a picture of someone who’s on television every day. :-(

  3. heh, that figures, CB. She has that look about herself.

    Get off the podium, let someone get a chance.. :)

    oh BS, you’re not talking about the FIRST PLACE Cubs, are you? :-)))

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