Top Ten Responses to Soriano’s injury

Here’s my Top Ten list of Cub fans’ responses to Alfonso Soriano getting injured in the Cubs’ 12-4 win today

10. If this is what it takes to get Matt Murton in the lineup…

9. With a $136 million contract, Soriano really wasn’t an integral part of the team.

8. Mr Hendry? Mr Hendry? Are you ok?

7. Soriano’s defensive play in center wasn’t quite up to speed anyway

6. Alfonso who?

5. Now we get to see how we’ll do without a .234 hitter with 1 homerun.

4. Soriano needed to get outta that pick-off funk somehow.

3. We’ll let Zambrano and Marquis pick up the slack in the power department while he’s out.

2. Aramis Ramirez needs someone to play MLB 2K7 with.

…and the #1 response to Soriano’s injury is…

1. Wait’ll Next Year!

One Response to “Top Ten Responses to Soriano’s injury”

  1. ironically, lou just told AS to relax just yesterday

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