Will a day off help the Cubs?

When I was a kid and the Cubs had a day off, my family would always joke, "Hey, the Cubs didn’t lose today!". 

Of course, back then in the mid 70’s, the Cubs had crap teams and the joke fit.  But now in late 2008, when the Cubs are 4 1/2 up on their contender, the joke kinda loses its meaning. 

That said, in the microcosm of the last 5 games of this season, they might as well be the Chicago Cubs of the 70’s.  A Cubs apologist might say that they’ve won seven of their last twelve.  I’ve heard that bandied about.  But let’s face it, the Cubs need to turn it around.

What’s up with Big Z

With all the trouble that Carlos Zambrano is having, I have a suggestion for him.  No, I can’t help him with getting him to his MRI appointment on time… he’ll have to work that out on his own.  Nor with his rotator cuff tendinitis (hopefully he’ll be back by September 14th).

However, when he does come back, maybe Big Z could focus a bit less on his hitting.  It’s no secret that his slugging has gotten some good press this season (I know I’m guilty of it).  Watching him against Houston, I’m just getting the sense that he’s paying a little TOO much attention to his hitting exploits.  When things work out at the plate, it can be good (although not always).  But if they don’t, it can get to him and affect his pitching. 

We pay you for your arm, Carlos, not your bat. 

Go Cubs!

2 Responses to “Will a day off help the Cubs?”

  1. After getting clubbed by Cincinnati after the dayoff, the cynical answer would be, NO!

  2. Boy, one can only hope! One fly in the ointment might be that Chicago is experiencing heavy, heavy rains, so all the players (the ones with homes in the area, at least) might be bailing out their basements and searching for sump pumps. But we’re hopeful, we’re hopeful — even while we’re crossing our fingers and killing curses.

    My brother, a way huge Cubs fan with an extensive selection of Cubs books and an even bigger one of baseball books, sent me a recommendation for Pinch Hitter By Dean Whitney. Baseball fans will really enoy it, he said. It’s kind of unique in that there’s never been a book about a middle-aged guy who appeared out of nowhere to become a successful pinch hitter for a big league team. Enjoy!

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