Wood to the DL… then to the pen

Word from the Cubs organization is that Kerry Wood is headed to the disabled list again.  That’s no surprise.  Baker alluded to this to the press yesterday so it was pretty much a foregone conclusion.  The question is for how long.  I guess that depends on Wood. 

What is a surprise, at least to some, is that he when he comes back, he’ll be pitching out of the pen.  This idea has been floating here and there for a while now.  I think it’s high time the Cubs give it a try.  Wood might respond well to it.  Baker said it best:

 ”Usually it (the discomfort) comes up somewhere between 60 and 70 pitches or something like that,” Baker said. “That’s the thinking behind it. Woody wants to try that before we take a more serious measure. … This might be better for him in the short run, so we’re going to try it.”

The idea here is that the Cubs season is salvageable and Wood may be able to contribute to the team in this role.  Who knows?  Woody just might be a born short reliever and no one knows it yet.

But first thing first.  Wood needs to get healthy.


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