A bad week for Miguel Tejada

Miguel Tejada has seen better days.  First, he gets word that Congress is opening an investigation into whether he lied to the House Committee Oversight and Government Reform in 2005 on his use of PEDs.

Then, he finds out that his older brother was killed in a motorcycle accident in the Dominican Republic. 

Astros management predictably expressed their condolences on Tejada’s brother’s death but kept their words to a minimum on the investigation issue, waiting for more information. 

In a letter to US Attorney General Michael Mukasey, the Committee made their case:

“Mr. Tejada made statements to the Committee in a transcribed interview on Aug. 26, 2005, regarding his knowledge of and involvement with steroids. Evidence contained in former Senator Mitchell’s report on steroid use in Major League Baseball appears to be inconsistent with statements he gave to the Committee.”

Naive me.  I had this feeling that the baseball powers-that-be were bringing the Mitchell Report out in the dead of winter so that it would blow over by the time Spring Training started.  With Congress (and let’s face it, the media) getting involved, who knows how long it will last.

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