You Don’t Have To Call Me Darling, Darling

Home plate umpire Gary Darling called a balk on SF Franchise righthander Tim Lincecum late in the game with the go-ahead run on 3rd base. His catcher stood up asking for time as Lincecum started his windup, Darling said, “time”, then he said, “that’s a balk”. The eventual winning run came walking home as the winningest foreign born skipper (from France) Bruce Bochy came out of the Giant dugout.

After a lengthy & heated exchange, Darling gave Bochy the heave-ho. Lincecum, in a bold move, said, he would take Gary Darling off his Christmas card list. While Bochy was seen taking Darling out of his Fave Five, as he exited stage left.

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