WTLNXTYR Back in Nascer

tommy-greene Sixteen years ago in 1993 I won it all in a fantasy baseball league, my team was called WTLNXTYR, and there was no waiting till next year. Tommy Greene was a 26 year old righthander with nasty stuff for the Philadelphia Phillies. Wilson Alvarez was a 23 year old lefty with the Chicago White Sox. These two hurlers were instrumental to my team’s success.

Now, after all this time, I’m back again, looking to catch lightning in a bottle. CLuke & Rob T are long time members and will be out there opposing me, along with some other very good competition, Rob T’s son Tim is also in the league. Tim is top a notch GM. I think Rob T has won twice, Tim once, and CLuke has won three times. So I’ll have my work cut out for me.

The way fantasy baseball works is like this… There’s an auction where you bid on players, building your team, you need two catchers, one firstbaseman, one thirdbaseman, one first/thirdbaseman, one secondbaseman, one shortstop, one secondbaseman/shortstop, five outfielders, two utility players, five starting pitchers, and five relief pitchers. You compete for five offensive categories and five pitching categories with the other teams in the league. The higher you are in each category, the more points your team gets, the team with the most points, wins.

This isn’t just about bragging rights, this is about hard, cold, cash! Each owner puts up $200, with more money being potted for player moves & trades throughout the year, and something like the top five teams get a piece of the pot.

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