Big Series at Tropicana

One series I’m keeping my eye on is the Red Sox-Rays matchup in Tampa.  With Tampa on top of the AL East, that’s gotta be one a lot of people are keeping their eyes on.

I can’t help but quietly root for the Rays this year.  Aside from the fact that any others in their division who have a shot (NY, Boston) have already seen their fair share of post season action (and all else equal, I tend to root for the underdog), it’s the Rays’ time to shine.  For the last 5-10 years, I’ve alays felt Tampa had plenty of young talent.  But for whatever reason, they couldn’t put it together.  Either it was lack of experience or lack of leadership from their management or both.

Last night, Tampa held off a Sox rally in the ninth to squeak by 5-4.

Roger Mooney writes an illuminating article in the Bradenton Herald detailing the history of bad blood between the Red Sox and the Rays.  According to him, 27 players have been ejected in games between the two teams since 2000.

The AL East is up for grabs.  I guess only time will tell if the Rays are for real.

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  1. I love seeing the Red Sox lose.

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