Get FRobbie a Hankie

Frank Robinson… sensitive modern male or a sissy nancy boy?

Ok, that’s out of line.  I actually have a lot of respect for FRobbie.  Great player in his day and not a bad manager.  We’ll forget about the gun-brandishing episode.

But seriously, buck up and cut the tears Frankie.  I appreciate the sentiment but you’ve got a job to do and it would help if you would do it without turning on the waterworks.  I’m a pretty sensitive guy but let’s not get out of hand.  And if there are tears, let’s not display them for the nation to see. 

I think LeCroy handled the whole thing with class and professionalism.  He knew he wasn’t up to the task and did what was best for the team.

“I’m man enough to take it. I don’t think he should get that emotional about it,” LeCroy said. “Hey, he’s doing his job, just like I would do if I was in his position.”

Nats blog Federal Baseball has a hilarious take on the whole situation.


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3 Responses to “Get FRobbie a Hankie”

  1. I couldn’t believe when I saw where Houston stole seven bases off Matthew LeCroy before Frank Robinson lifted the beleaguered catcher in mid-inning for defensive replacement Robert Fick. The funny thing is that the Tigers moved Fick from behind the plate years due to defensive shortcomings. It would be kind of like bringing in Todd Walker as a defensive replacement for Rickie Weeks.

  2. Oh nice insult there, Teddy.

    How do pronounce Matt’s last name? The announcers were saying Lee-croy. I’ve always thought it was Leh-croy.

    you say to-mah-to.. i say to-may-to.

  3. I believe the announcer’s version is correct.

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