Instant Replay on its way??

Bud Selig is expected to make a decision soon regarding instant replay.

It doesn’t take much to read between the lines to know that his mind is already made up.  He just needs the numbers and PR to back him up. 

From USA Today:

Selig was once a staunch opponent of replay, but a spate of missed home run calls this season has changed his stance.

This is faulty reasoning and bad logic.  If instant replay is a bad idea, then don’t let a few bad calls in one season change your opinion. 

And as I’ve said before, you certainly shouldn’t implement this mid-season.  MLB claims that teams don’t need to vote on this because this isn’t a "rule change" but it’s pretty dang close.

Paula Duffy from the Examiner has an interesting idea.  Start the experiment just before the 2008 playoffs.  I guess I would prefer that to doing it mid-season.

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