I was watching the end of the Cincinnati/Arizona game last night on the MLB package, only on DirectTV. Brennaman & Brantley were doing the game for the Reds, the game was in the bottom of the 9th, two on, nobody out, Diamondbacks up two, with Edwin Encarnacion at the plate facing closer Brandon Lyon.

The announcers are debating whether the runners should be advanced with a bunt. Brennaman is saying EE has never successfully sacrificed in his career and his stats show him to be a clutch performer. Brantley counters that according to the book you’ve got to bunt and if Encarnacion can’t bunt then they should send somebody up there who can. And besides that states Brantley, Edwin is not clutch.

In the meantime Dusty “Play it by the Book” Baker wants the batter to bunt. I’m SCREAMING at Baker through my TV set, “He can’t bunt! Use your friggin brains!” But alas Dusty can’t hear me or he’s paying no attention to what I’m saying.

No matter, as Encarnacion is now in the hole 1-2 after two futile bunt attempts, then there’s a breaking pitch in the dirt. As Lyon comes home with the pitch, Brennaman & Brantley continue the debate. Brennaman says Edwin is clutch, Brantley yells as the sphere is headed plateward, He is not clutch!

Of course the batter connects sending a screamer into the leftfield stands for a game winning home run, Brennaman asks will it be deep enough? Is he clutch? Brantley comments that he has never been so wrong. Brennaman mutters something about, well according to the book, probably thinking to himself he has to work with this goofball all season long.

Classic: Brennaman signs off with, “That’s all from Cincinnati. Final score Arizona 6, Reds 5”.

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