Dawson’s gut is wrenched: he’ll be wearing an Expos cap

andre-dawson-expos-rookie Is it me or do I get the sense that the Hall of Fame is choosing to place an Expo cap on Andre Dawson’s head because perhaps this might be might be the Expos’ last chance?  At this point, Gary Carter is the only player in the Hall who is remotely associated with the Expos franchise. 

Don’t get me wrong… there are certainly valid reasons, too.  If you glance at the stats, Dawson looks pretty good with the Expos.  He simply played more years, accumulated more stats. He was also arguably a better player.  Six Gold Gloves.  A “five-tool” player.  You know, before the knee operations.

But Andre doesn’t see it that way and is perhaps a slightly surprised that he wasn’t even asked his opinion.  He would prefer to wear a Cubs cap at the Cooperstown ceremonies. 

"It was to my understanding they would make the determination at the consent of sitting down and discussing it with you prior to making the determination and I just thought it would carry a little bit more weight than it did." .

Obviously, his time with the Cubs meant something to him. 

As well they should.  His career year was his first year with Chicago when he won the MVP and became the answer to a trivia question.

It’s a routine thing we go through every year when a player is voted in to the Hall who isn’t lucky enough to play for one team his whole career (see Cal Ripken and Tony Gwynn.., what did the pundits quibble about THAT year?).  And maybe it would be nice if they didn’t wear a cap at all to avoid this partisan nonsense.  Or maybe a nice cowboy hat. 

that’ll fix ‘em. 

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