Crede falls to the dark side

I’m curious what Sox think of this.

Not so much that Crede won’t be with Chicago any more.  I think that song was written a few months ago.  But now he’ll be playing for their arch-rivals Minnesota Twins. 

Comments from the South side?

Oh, from the article (emphasis mine):

Crede, who provided stellar defense and was a clutch hitter during his tenure with the Sox…

I’ve heard from more than one Sox fan that Crede’s defense had been lacking in 2008 at least in comparison to his past years.  Perhaps that’s true?  Or maybe that was due to his injury??

For what it’s worth, Crede does say he’s almost back to 100%.

One Response to “Crede falls to the dark side”

  1. I’d have loved having Crede back on the Southside. He’s a great guy & very clutch! But his back, it’s not worth the risk. Now he’s a piranha!

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