Little Havana Coming to the Southside

There is a little more excitement about the Chicago White Sox possibly signing 19 year old thirdbaseman Dayan Viciedo out of Cuba than there was in signing Alexei Ramirez one year ago. There is some tremendous upside for this kid! He’s got 30-35 home run potential, which is just what the doctor ordered with Joe Crede out the door. The White Sox are said to have the inside track according to an article in the Chicago Sun Times written by Joe Cowley. The Southsiders already have fellow countrymen Jose Contreras and Alexei Ramirez, not to mention Minnie Minoso, the Cuban Comet. From what I’ve heard Ramirez is instrumental in recruiting Viciedes to the Pale Hose. Let’s go White Sox!!!

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  1. Today’s Tribune has stated Dayan Viciedo has a poor work ethic, is out of shape, and is not the same type of impact player he was when he was younger. Heck, isn’t he only 19 years old? But then they covered their butts by saying Alexei Ramirez was reported to have major flaws in his game one year ago and look at what he’s done. Doesn’t the Tribune own the Cubs?

  2. If we sign him, can we wear these uniforms? :)

  3. If he is even close to the ballplayer that I think Alexi is going to become, then bring him in. Heck, he’s only 19 so there is time for him to develop as well as mature as a person and a teammate. We sure could use a good stick and we need a third sacker. I have not heard of him until now so I hope he is a somewhat of a contact hitter with some pop and not just an all or nothing hitter. We have an abundance of those types and it is too frustrating when the ball isn’t carrying. We need to get some guys with better OB%’s to keep those opposition pitchers throwing out of the stretch. BTW, screw the Tribune, the cub rag. Andthose Cuban uni’s look like kid’s pajamas / LOL

  4. I wonder what kind of money this kid will be asking? I wonder if KW can sign him to a contract similar to Alexi’s, cause that was the value contract of the century.

  5. Thanks for tainkg the time to post. It’s lifted the level of debate

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