Mets fans ‘ecstatic’ about Santana…

…as well they should be. 

To recap, Johan Santana has been traded to the Mets.  In return, the Twins get four prospects, Philip Humber, Carlos Gomez, , Kevin Mulvey, and Deolis Guerra. 

You can see a video of an SNY Sportsnite interview of Matt Cerone from in light of this trade. 


Tim Dierkes from MLB Trade Rumors wonders if the Twins took the better offer.  One thing is for sure.  With the other offers out there (i.e. from the Yankees and Red Sox), it seems the Twins have chosen the path that will take more development.  The Twins had deals out on the table that would have gotten them prospects, yes, but prospects that were game-ready.  Prospects like Jacoby Ellsbury or Melky Cabrera.

Twins fans might need to be convinced that this is was THE deal.  Was this better than paying Santana what he really worth? 

Let’s end this post with a quote by centerfielder Torii Hunter who has also left Minnesota this off-season, signing with the Angels:

“I hate to hear that.  I mean, I’m happy for Johan, but he meant so much for that organization. I’m sad for the Twins’ organization and all of the fans out there. They loved Johan. This is going to be tough for them to swallow.”


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2 Responses to “Mets fans ‘ecstatic’ about Santana…”

  1. This was sent to me by a Yankee fan who said, “This guy and I are on the same page.”

  2. I don’t know if I would go that far but I do know that the rumored deal with the Yankees (and for that matter, the Bosox), were more “fair”.

    Phil Hughes can… well, has, pitched in the majors and will do so in the foreseeable future. The Twins would have been better off going for the sure thing IMO.

    Same goes for Jacoby Ellsbury…

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