With Howard’s $10 mil, players batting .167

Fortunately for him, this was no practical joke.  Ryan Howard won his arbitration case against the Phillies.  The Phils offered Howard $7 million but in arbitration, he was awarded $10 million. 

The arbitrators were comparing Howard’s case to Miguel Cabrera’s from last year.  Cabrera hit the $7.4 million mark when he was with the Marlins.  Apparently, they felt they couldn’t go lower than that figure. 

Howard’s victory was the first arbitration win by a player in six tries so far this off-season. 

So now, Howard’s price got a lot steeper.  Is he worth it?  If there is one young slugger out there I would want to get for my MLB team, it would be Howard.  Yet, I’m sure the Phillies are also interested in locking some players up for the future not paying big bucks for a one-year contract only to go through this again. 

2 Responses to “With Howard’s $10 mil, players batting .167”

  1. “If there is one young slugger out there I would want to get for my MLB team, it would be Howard.”

    Really? REALLY????

    There is another N.L first baseman who out-hit (.288 to .268). out-slugged (.618 to .584) out-onbased (.395 to .392), out-scored (109 to 94) and out-homered (50 to 47) Ryan Howard last year. All of this despite Howard playing in the best hitters park in the majors.

    To top it off, Howard struck out 78 more times (199 to 121).

    Being fair, Ryan Howard won RBI’s, 136 to 119.

    Furthermore, my guy is five years younger (23 to 28) and is “A Prince of a Fellow.”

    I wish you had Prince Fielder and I had Ryan Howard: We would make a trade.

  2. When Fielder came up, I was skeptical. I admit, he has surprised me and I heard he puts everything out there when he plays. He is well liked on the team.

    Your point is well taken, DonS.

    That said, I would love to have RH on MY team.

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