Here are some baseball misnomers that might leave you scratching your head.

The Foul Pole: Why isn’t it called the Fair Pole? It’s in fair territory, if a ball touches it, it’s a fair ball.

You will constantly hear annoncers and fans alike refer to fair balls bouncing into the stands as “ground rule doubles”, when in reality they are not “ground rule doubles”, they are automatic doubles.

Little kids all over America yell, “FOUL TIP!”, when they get a piece of the ball, arguing they did not strikeout. When in reality a “foul tip” is a strike in every sense of the term. The definition of a “foul tip” is when the ball is tipped and goes directly into the catcher’s mitt, it is a strike, and the ball is in play.


  1. what? is Andy Rooney ghost writing for you now :)

    just listen to tim mccarver for 5 minutes and you’ll hear all the misnomers you can take. :)

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