Cincy mayor throws a strike with humor

Cincinnati mayor Mark Mallory at least has a sense of humor about his wild pitch. Mallory was slated to throw the first ball out at Great American Ball Park and when he did, it was a tad outside. Actually, it was nowhere near home plate.

But the Mayor’s office quickly released their Top Ten Reasons for his blooper of a pitch (courtesy of The Enquirer):

10. I have a shoulder injury from cracking the whip on council.

9. I got some last-minute tips from Lou Piniella.

8. I was protesting Ken Griffey’s move to right.

7. I didn’t want to show up President Bush. He might put a wiretap on me.

6. I am saving my best stuff for my Bengals tryout.

5. First pitch? I thought I was throwing out the first bowling ball.

4. I grew up in the West End playing on concrete. A field with grass and dirt threw me off.

3. Eric Davis’ red shoes blinded me.

2. My best sport is Putt-Putt.

1. Eric Davis missed the sign. I called for a pitchout.

And if you haven’t seen the pitch yet, here it is:




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