Messin’ with Kazmir


See the trouble Terry Francona caused?

James Shields will start as planned on Friday against the Blue Jays, but Matt Garza will now be moved up a day from Saturday to Sunday. Maddon plans to talk to Kazmir on Friday to determine when he pitches, and, in turn, when Edwin Jackson will start. Jackson will get the nod whichever day Kazmir does not.

All part of division rival Boston’s evil plan.  I know it.

2 Responses to “Messin’ with Kazmir”

  1. When did pitchers become such “babies?”

  2. DonS,
    I was going to say something along those lines but;
    1. I grew up in the age of the specialized reliever and needed someone with your *ahem* experience to say it.

    and 2. no doubt, someone would come along, touting the need for today’s pitchers to get their rest and pitching today is not like pitching 50 (100?) years ago.

    but yeah, I was thinking the same…


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