Keeping Pujols healthy

From the St Louis Cardinals mailbag (emphasis mine):

The discussion of Pujols’ health was, in some places, lost amidst his other comments at the Winter Warm-Up, so this is a good time to take a look at the situation.

First, it’s worth noting that Pujols has played with this elbow problem for nearly five years now — so he knows how to manage it. But if he did in fact aggravate it and require surgery, it would be a major procedure.


As a lifetime owner of Pujols in my APBA league (drafted with my first pick in his rookie year), talk like this makes my eye tick come back and I start mumbling nonsensical words.

Unfortunately, Tim D from RotoAuthority sees a little room for concern, too.

In light of new information, I wonder if maybe we should bump Miguel Cabrera ahead of Pujols on our draft sheets.  It could be dangerous to underestimate Albert, but he admitted to playing through elbow pain in 2007.  It probably won’t be 100% again unless he has surgery, but he’s trying rest instead this winter.  He also had hamstring and calf maladies in ’07.


Buh-buh buh…

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  1. I feel Pujols’ numbers over the last few years, although fading a bit, are still worthy of a first round pick in draft leagues. However, in salary leagues there may be better bargains.

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