more fireworks during Olympic baseball

US Olympic baseball players are dropping like flies.  Three days after Jayson Nix, a Rockies prospect was hit in the head by a bunted ball that was thrown high and inside, Team USA suffered another injury. 

USA’s Matt LaPorta was taken to the hospital after been hit in the head by the Chinese pitcher.  This came after LaPorta bowled over Chinese catcher Wang Wei forcing Wang out of the game with an injured shoulder. 

Chen Kun, the reliever that hit LaPorta, and Chinese pitching coach Steve Ontiveros were both ejected.

"We do not throw to hit people," (Chinese field manager Jim) Lefebvre said. "We do not teach that in China or in the U.S."

Maybe it’s not "taught". Jim, but it happens. 

US did manage to win 9-1 over China.  They are 3-2 in the Olympics and are still in medal contention.

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