3/25/08 Linescore of the Day (Japan version): Huston Street

Let’s get things going with the LSOTDs..

Huston Street:  1.2 IP, 3 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 1BB, 2 K, 1 HR (BS)

By all rights, Manny Ramirez should win today’s honors with his 2 for 5, 4 rbi performance but I can’t resist putting Oakland’s reliever on the spot.  Huston, we indeed have a problem.  Ok, part of it is that I just traded him in my APBA league.  Vindication is mine!

Seriously, Street has historically done the worse in the spring months so my one game analysis may be a tad presumptive.  You can see his splits here.

On a different note, Projo Soxblog has a great photo of the Ellsbury catch from today’s game.

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2 Responses to “3/25/08 Linescore of the Day (Japan version): Huston Street”

  1. Background: I was the Zealot’s trading partner in the Huston Street trade. I swapped Ryan Zimmerman for Huston Street.

    My reaction to this LSOTD: I wish Ryan Zimmerman luck playing for the Baseball Zealot. If Ryan has a fine career and plays as well as people think he will, nobody will be happier than I.

    I don’t share the idea that I should wish him bad luck and hope he is a disappointment just because I traded him. On the contrary, nobody will be more pleased than I will be when Jose Contreras wins 15 games in 2008 or when Victor Martinez continues to do well. Of course, I am happy with Rafael Furcal and Mike Lowell, or I might not feel so magnanimous.

    In summary, I hope Ryan Zimmerman has a good 2008. As good a season as Huston Street is going to have for Oakland.

  2. As do wish Street good luck in 2008… seriously. At least it would justify my picking him in the first round a few years back.

    As i said, he does tend to start off rough (ERA in March/April is 3.73) so he trends better in the warmer months.

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