9/8 Linescore of the Day Tony Clark

Tony Clark, Arizona Diamondbacks

2 for 6, 2 HR, 2 runs, 5 rbis

Hitting .310 with 25 homers and 20 doubles, Tony is surprising everyone by having quite a year for Arizona.  But no one is more surprised than the managers in my Illowa APBA League

See even though the IAL is a continous ownership league, we are, under certain circumstances allowed to drop a player.  Well, the owner of Clark saw fit to drop him and when that happens, that player can usually can be had for a song.  No IAL manager saw the need or desire to pick him up.  I’m sure a lot of us are wishing we had given Clark a second look.

Even with Pujols at first, I certainly could have used him for trade bait..


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