Cubs’ Quade gets support

I was asked by a fellow Cub fan what I thought of interim manager Mike Quade.  I honestly told him I didn’t know a whole lot about him but I sure was impressed by his performance so far.  His 21-11 record is a long time coming.

Now I find out that at least a couple of the Cubs are coming to the plate for him too.  Pitcher Ryan Dempster and outfielder Marlon Byrd both have expressed support for him.

So says Dempster:

"He’s been very upfront, very honest with all of us. He’s been tremendously supportive, he’s given us a lot of confidence to go out there. What he’s done for the bullpen- those guys have really stepped up and he’s believed in them.”

Pretty strong words.  As for Byrd:

"The record speaks for itself. The way we’re playing, the way we’re executing, just all-around."

I won’t speculate if they’re just simply backing up their manager or making a statement on who they want for their next permanent manager but those statements (especially Dempster’s) are pretty telling. 

That said. the Cubs could have gone 32-0 under Mike Quade and that won’t change the fact that a certain former Cub second baseman has more star power than a ex-Carolina League/current Coach with a funny name.  Like it not, the Cubs organization knows that and they’ll have tough decision to make.

Or not.

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