Yost feeling the pressure?

I don’t know if this is a prevailing feeling among all Brewers fans but BrewersFanatics is getting a bit frustrated with Ned Yost

“The bottom line is changes need to be made. The same lineup can’t be sent out there everyday and be expected to kick things into gear. This team is struggling. It’s not time to put up or shut up, for Ned Yost it’s time to put up or pack up.”

Back at the beginning of the season when the TBZ staff did our MLB predictions for 2008, I had Yost down as First Manager to be Fired in 08.  Not that don’t think Ned isn’t a capable skipper (he is).  I just thought that expectations were going to be pretty high for the Brewers this year.  Couple that with a more competitive NL Central and you gotta figure the pressure has to be high.  And as things go in MLB, the manager is the first one to go. 

The BrewCrew are taking on the Cardinals for a three game series.  Yost could help his cause with a series win against the division rivals.

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2 Responses to “Yost feeling the pressure?”

  1. 1. I’m not a big fan of lineup changes, just for the sake of change. If GO BREWERS GO can’t win with their BEST players, they probably aren’t going to do better with their less-skilled players.

    2. Eric Gagne may get Ned Yost fired. I B Picken says: Can’t Gagne at least get a uniform that fits? He looks like he has his big brother’s clothes on.

    3. Milwaukee got the Cardinals last night (Friday).

  2. yeah, I saw last night’s game (the last few innings). Izzy imploded. Wellemeyer’s great game was wasted.

    Perfect game for me. Pujols gets a homer and the Cardinals lose. well, almost perfect… Izzy is on my fantasy team. fifth blown save. ugh.

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