I’ve got your East Coast bias right here

The Tigers played an amazing ALDS series and will go on to face the A’s tonight in game 1…

…so let’s talk about the Yankees.

So as I figured, the rumors swirling around about Torre were just that. The Boss just isn’t that dumb to let him go. Some analysts are willing to go as far to say that during the season, this was Torre’s best year in the field.

Words from Steinbrenner for the press:

“I spoke to Joe Torre today and I told him, ‘You’re back for the year. I expect a great deal from you and the entire team. I have high expectations and I want to see enthusiasm, a fighting spirit and a team that works together. The responsibility is yours, Joe, and all of the Yankees.'” Steinbrenner said in a statement released by his publicist, Howard Rubenstein. “Yes, I am deeply disappointed about our loss this year, we have to do better. And I deeply want a championship. It’s about time.”

It’s about time? Some teams have been waiting for 6 years, some of us have been waiting all our life.

So what about A-Rod? His future in NY may not be so secure.

The latest from the Yankees front office is they have no interest in trading the superstar. According to Cashman, “We’re going to figure this thing out together.”

I’m trying to envision this “figure this thing out together” thing.

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