MLB Advanced Media introduces Twitter interface

It looks like MLB Advanced Media will be incorporating a Twitter client within its Gameday and interfaces for those fans who use the social networking tool.



I took the above screen captures from a Gameday stream between the Cubs and the Rockies.  The presence of the Twitter window will be opt-in (chosen by a tab) so for those who don’t use it, it won’t use up valuable screen real estate. 

The question is will the new system get used??  Most avid Twitter users already have a preferred method of using the micro-blogging tool, most likely a client program they’re comfortable with. 

But perhaps, it will spur the group of people who signed on to Twitter but never continued to use it… to start using it  (Don’t know where I heard it but I think the majority of Twitter accounts remain inactive).  Maybe even some new people might give it a try. 

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