Player Tracker is working… no really it is

Logged into MLB.TV’s Mosaic tonight and lo and behold! Player Tracker is working as promised. I noticed a few updates were pushed up last night so I’m sure that had something to do with it.

I quickly plugged in my “favorite players”. You can read that as “players on my APBA team”.

While on the topic of Mosaic, they’ve made another enhancement. For those games that are blacked out, you can double-click and a enhanced GameDay panel will open. It isn’t anything anyone can’t get from and quite honestly (and for a reason I can’t quite explain) the graphics aren’t a whole lot better.

I can’t see using this too often ‘cept maybe to check on the status of a game. If I’m going to use Mosaic, it’s so I can watch a live game.

Oh I gotta go, “Luis Gonzalez is batting for the Arizona Diamondbacks’.

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