‘Oil Can’ hopes to pitch up north

According to the Ottawa Citizen, former MLB pitcher Dennis ‘Oil Can’ Boyd is planning to pitch for the Ottawa Voyageurs in the Cam-Am Baseball League. 

He hasn’t pitched in the majors since 1991 when split the season between the Expos and the Rangers.  He hasn’t even played pro ball since 2005. 

But the ball feels good in Oil Can’s hands, he says:

"The ball is coming out of my hand free and easy for the first time in years. I just want to prove I can throw 100 pitches for 30 starts and dominate."

Don’t know about you but Boyd is one of those baseball players that our memories supersede his contribution to the game.  That’s not to take anything away from him but he won 78 games in his career a decade ago and I still remember him vividly.  Granted, he was an colorful, outspoken individual. 

No doubt, regardless if he pitches well in Ottawa or not, he’ll be a fun character and a good draw.

One Response to “‘Oil Can’ hopes to pitch up north”

  1. I agree — Boyd was larger than life at times. His stats never really supported much of a claim to anything in the MLB, but he is remembered around the clubhouses he played for. I wonder what 20 years out of the game does to a guy’s control, endurance, and power on the mound. … nothing good, I suspect. Keep in mind, this guy LEFT pitching when Mike Mussina was just debuting in the MLB. Other players have had HOF (or at least great) careers who debuted after Oil Can such as Pedro Martinez, Mariano Rivera, and Andy Pettitte.


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