MLB Mosaic Password page looks fishy

Just wondering if anyone has had this experience with MLB Mosaic. 

Up until today, when I attempted to login to MLB Mosaic, I would get this error message:

We’re sorry, we’re unable to successfully validate your information for purposes of checking your location against our blackout system.

It would then give a phone number and email address for MLB support. 

I then emailed the address given and specified the error message I had received plus all other relevant details.  I shortly received a automated email message from MLB support opening my ticket.  So far so good.

Then, about five minutes later I get a message from MLB.COM saying:

An account has been created for you with the following User ID and
  User ID: XXXXXXX  <—-(this is my normal login)
  Password: XXXXXX

We encourage you to login to our support site and change your
password, by clicking the following link, or pasting it into your

I copied the link and pasted it into my browser.  The  site that came up looks like this:

weirdmlb page


No MLB logo anywhere.  The domain name is  but it hardly looks official.  To be honest, it looks like a web template somebody slapped up in a hurry. 

I double checked the support email address in case I typed it wrong.  Nope, I got it right.

It looked fishy enough that I didn’t dare change my password with that method. 

The kicker is that eventually with the help of MLB phone support I was able to get everything working with my current password (not the one sent to me). 

So, has this happened to anyone?  Is this a legitimate site?  Am I just paranoid?

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2 Responses to “MLB Mosaic Password page looks fishy”

  1. How does it work?
    Is it worth the money?
    Are the Atlanta Braves games blacked out or are there any other restrictions?

    Please I welcome your comments


  2. I did a quick review of MLB/TV and Mosaic here. Take a look at that.

    Overall, it’s fine as long as your computer has the requirements. See the MLB Mosaic FAQ for more info on that.

    The team that is blacked out depends on where you live. Specifically, the address is on your credit card you used to pay for it, i believe. For example, I live in Urbana, IL so the Cubs, White Sox and Cardinals are blacked out.

    I think the package is worth it if you love baseball and enjoy watching different teams OR if your favorite team is not your blackout area.

    hope this helps.


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