Silverlight from the horse’s mouth

A day or so ago, I blogged about Microsoft Silverlight which is a new technology which is essentially a cross-platform and cross-browser plug-in which will enhance multimedia web applications.

Again to quickly recap, this is important to us as baseball fans because Silverlight will eventually be rolled into MLB.TV and Mosaic applications to give them some really cool features.

Well, Rob Unoki has a lot of insider details on his blog, RobU’s Blog. Why? Because he happens to work for Microsoft. If you use MLB.TV or Mosaic, definitely check it out. His blog has some neato info and yes, some SCREEN SHOTS!

As for when this will be rolled out, well, he can’t tell us. Because he wants to keep his job.

This is exciting news, I think. At this point, all we can do is find out what can and wait… wait… wait…

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