Friday afternoon cricket

cricket 013.jpg

Every Friday when leave the building I work, I’m treated to a display of the the game of cricket..  The large grassy area outside the building may have as many as six or seven cricket games going on at a time.  There’s something about it that makes me feel good.  I think it’s just great that so many people are playing a game with little or no fanfare but obviously with a lot of devotion.

The young men shown here were nice enough to let me snap a few photos.

I spoke to one them who was playing.  He says that on Fridays they are actually practicing for a match that is held on Saturday.  This happens pretty much every weekend.  From the looks of it, most of the participants, are Indian students (I could be wrong).

I know next to nothing about the game of Cricket but it is fascinating to watch.  I love watching the guy who throws the ball (I’m sure there’s a more proper term for him but that will have to do).  Unlike baseball, he gets a running start when he unloads.  Wow, that’s fun to watch!

cricket 003.jpg

More photos are here.  For those in the C-U area who want to check out a cricket match, they have matches every Saturday at 1:30 near Mumford Hall.

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