2009 Postseason: This, that, and the other

Miscellaneous news and opinions on the postseason so far:

  • Former commish Fay Vincent takes a look back at the 1989 World Series that literally shook the world.
  • With the cold weather in the northern cities in the playoffs, this Reuters post is looking for any angle they can.  They’re suggesting a neutral site for the World Series in warmer climate… (The Baseball Zealot says:  ummm, no).
  • Greg Trietley of The Pitt News, is the only one I know making this suggestion… make the playoffs longer (albeit with a shorter regular season).
  • And something not to be read while eating… a puff piece by the Idaho Statesman about Tim McCarver.  From the article:  “How long will he do it? "I think about (Pat) Summerall’s line about the butterflies before the game," he said. "Whenever that stops, it’s time to leave.”

Somebody get a fly swatter.

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