And then there were Four

The Division Series are over and now things will really get really intense.

Joe Torre’s Troubles

Rumors are flying about Torre’s demise at the Big Apple despite all the good things everybody is saying about him there. I’ve even seen wild rumors about Torre at Wrigley.

But let’s not be hasty. Rumors are rumors and this is not the 70’s and Torre is not Billy Martin. If Big George knows what’s good for his team, he’ll keep Joe Torre.

Try as I might, I could not always root against the Mets this year. Any other year, the Mets don’t rank up there as one of my favorite teams. Historically, they’re one of those teams I don’t particularly care for. That was then. This is now.

Throughout the year when firing up MLB’s Mosaic and deciding which game to watch, I tended to gravitate to Mets’ games. Talk about an exciting team! They never seemed to be out of it. Between David Wright who had an explosive bat (and possibly suspect defense), Jose Reyes who knew how to get things going and Carlos Delgado who is one of the most underrated slugger of our time.

Add to that, one of my favorite pitchers of our era, Tom Glavine. A sure HOFer, “Gretzky” answered the call Thursday by pitching six scoreless innings.

In honor of Glavine (and to pay homage to LA’s Greg Maddux who did every he could to get the Dodgers as far they got), check out this blast from the past. One of my favorite commercials when both were Atlanta Braves. It’s sure to bring a chuckle.

I’ll be damned if I can find a local Cardinals fan who is optimistic about the coming series against the Mets. I guess it doesn’t help that the Redbirds shot their wad with Carpenter in Game 5 against the Pads.

That said, they found a way to win without Pujols (though he did score a run after walking).

NLCS Rotation Analysis


Both teams have tremendous momentum for their special reasons. I’m looking for a pitching heavy series. Nate Robertson has something to prove in Game 1. His Game 1 performance against the Yankees was less than stellar.

On the other hand, the A’s go with Barry Zito who pitched 8 strong frames in Game 1 of the ALDS.

From a A’s perspective, here’s a ALCS preview from the Athletics Nation.’s ALCS Rotation Analysis

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4 Responses to “And then there were Four”

  1. Glavine: A “sure” Hall of Famer? I’m not too “sure” about that.

    Of course, given the selection of the ridiculous Bill Mazeroski, there don’t seem to be ANY standards for entry. So who knows?

    I’ll be Frank with you: I think the Mets and Big Frank will meet in the World Series.

  2. you really know how to get me going dont you, DS? :)

    dont u even get me started on Glavine.

    -10 wins away from 300 (and for the record, I dont particularly care for the “automatics” but that IS impressive.)

    -2 Cy Youngs and second in voting twice

    -10 All-Star app.

    -2481 Ks (and he’s NOT a strikeout pitcher)

    -15th all-time in CG (led league 6 times)

    and some stats that won’t immpress most people but I think are great and show the kind of athlete he is:

    -2nd among active players with 201 sacs

    -won 4 silver slugger awards

    -is a genuine nice guy, doesnt do drugs, and is a team player.

  3. About Tom Glavine:

    According to Baseball Reference, there are six pitchers who have similarity (to Tom Glavine) scores of 850 or higher. These six most similar pitchers, by career stats, are Jack Morris (879), Tommy John (873), Tom Seaver (859), Dennis Martinez (854), Burleigh Grimes (853) and Tony Mullane (853).

    Grimes and Tom Terrific are in the Hall of Fame. The other four are not.

    I say the jury is still out.

  4. DonS, The jury is NOT still out when it comes to the Big Hurt meeting up against the Mets in the World Series. The way he disappeared in the playoffs you’d have thought he was a 2005 “star” player on the Halos (see Vladimir & Bartolo). Oops, did I touch a nerve?

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