New Meaning to “Take Me” Out to the “Ball Game”

baseballA Philadelphia radio station has come through with two tickets for this woman and her husband to go to a World Series game 3 in Philadelphia.  Susan Finkelstein, 43, posted to Craigslist looking for tickets.

She was charged with prostitution and related offenses Tuesday after police say she advertised herself as a buxom, blond, die-hard Phillies fan who was desperate for tickets and would perform sex acts to get them.

“I’m the creative type!  Maybe we can help each other,” authorities say Finkelstein’s online ad read.  She described herself as “gorgeous” and said her price was negotiable, according to police.

Finkelstein was busted when, authorities say, an undercover officer responded to the Craigslist posting.  She allegedly offered to perform graphic sex acts on the officer in exchange for World Series seats.

It was later reported a police officer in Chicago is more likely to have sex with a prostitute than arrest her.

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