Powerhouse Angels first to clinch

angels_logo Congrats to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for being the first MLB team to clinch a playoff berth.  A special congrats go to my buddy DonS who is an avid Angels fan. 

With a current 87-57 record, the Angels won all season, everywhere, anytime.  Their road record was even slightly better than their home record (.606 to .603).  Not counting their 0-1 March, their worst months were May and August when they had a winning percentage of "only" .536.  Their first half they won 60% of their games.  To follow up, they now have a .612 winning percentage in the second.  Win, win, win.

They have to feel to feel good about the fact that they currently have a 8-1 record against the Red Sox.  Hopefully, that will bode well if they face them in the playoffs.  And oooh, a 3-6 record against the pesky Rays. 

Francisco Rodriguez got his 56th save against the Yanks in today’s important game leaving him one behind Bobby Thigpen’s single-season record for saves.  I’m not a fan of the save stat but count me in a one fan rooting for K-Rod to break Thiggy’s record. 

Nice going, Halos!  Way to get the job done quick!

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