2006 MLB Draft Wrapup: High schoolers make a comeback

Well, after everything was said and done, it seems that those prospects from high schools made a resurgence in the second day of drafting. So much so that the 36% from high schools was actually higher than the average.

Still, there were more college players taken this year (900+) than in any other year. Add to that the fact that many of the high profile college players were picked in the higher rounds.

MLB.com has a listing of relatives picked in the 2006 MLB Draft. Interesting maybe, but relevant? I’ll let you decide.

Who is Hochevar’s agent? Would it surprise anyone to find out it was Scott Boras? Luke H. says:

“I’m going to bust my tail to make them [the Royals] extremely happy,” Hochevar said. “That [his contract] is in [agent] Scott Boras’ hands and obviously mine as well. We want to be treated fairly and the Royals are a great organization and they’re willing to get it done, so we’re excited to proceed and move forward with this. It sounds like the Royals are ready to get it done and get me out playing.”

I keep going back to The Baseball Analysts for draft analysis but that’s because they do it so well. This one is by Bryan Smith.

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