Garland/Sox Shut Down by Rook

It took a shutout by Santana to end Jon Garland’s winning streak.

The punchline is that it wasn’t Johan.

LAA’s Ervin Santana, in his second MLB start pitched a CG shutout to give Garland his first loss of the year.

Santana struck out seven and walked one.

Let’s put the Santana rook on the Rookie Watch. Maybe the Angels fans out there can give us the scoop on E. Santana.

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One Response to “Garland/Sox Shut Down by Rook”

  1. I think the Angels fan is ME.

    The Halos were showcasing Ervin Santana to the White Sox, for possible inclusion in a Frank Thomas Trade. Ervin looked good, didn’t he?

    Check his balls/strikes ratio for that game. Great stuff, thrown for strikes. He threw 16 balls (non-strikes) in the first six innings.

    Santana is 21 (November, 1983) and is the top-rated pitcher in the Angels system.

    We saw him for Cedar Rapids in 2003. His control wasn’t much, but his stuff was electric. Nice slider.

    I’ll have to let TomN finish ahead of me in Illowa League, to make sure I get a shot at Ervin Santana.

    ByTheWay: A possible Frank Thomas Trade could be Santana (or Jake Woods), a minor league prospect and a major league player (so Sox fans wouldn’t whine about Another White Flag Trade) for Frank and a “second tier” relief pitcher (Cotts or Marte). Angels would have to talk to The Big Hurt and make sure that he would sign for two more years. Whaddya think?

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