MLB Draft tomorrow

Don’t forget… the MLB First Player draft begins Tuesday at 1:00pm ET. If you’re interested in following the draft, here are some important links:

MLB Draft Central: This is a good place to start if you are interested in getting info about the draft. pretty much covers it all plus some useless fluff articles. Most importantly, the site allows for searching on all the players eligible for the draft, team previews, order of the draft and pretty much everything else you want to know.

You can watch the live coverage once it begins. Also, has video snips of many of the prospects.

MLB Draft Tracker: A subset of MLB Draft Central but worth mentioning. This is essentially the database of the eligible players which will be updated throughout the draft.

To do a little homework on the hot prospects in the draft, I suggest reading this piece by Bryan Smith on the SI web site. Smith is one of forces behind The Baseball Analysts.

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  1. Draft Knowledge

    The Baseball Zealot provides useful links if you’d like to follow tomorrow’s draft on-line….

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