Cardinals need rock-steady Albert Pujols back

When May ends, Albert Pujols will no doubt have recorded his worst month on record.  For the month, he’s currently hitting .256 with one homerun.  His slugging percentage?  .385.  He’s managed 10 rbis and 10 runs scored and has a .396 OBP which certainly isn’t embarrassing but quite honestly, I’m afraid something is wrong with the God of Baseball ™. 

Let’s put it in perspective.  In May, Cubs infielder Mike Fontenot had a better slugging percentage than Albert.

Not only that, reports that Pujols denies having words with Tony LaRussa.  Let’s face it, if it gets by the editors at than there is probably something to it.

This is a bad time for Pujols to go into the first slump of his career.  It’s possible that he could be a free agent at the end of this season should the team decline his option at $16 million.  I seriously don’t think that will be an issue but you never know. 

Add into the mix that Dan Lozano who is Pujols’ agent, is making an exit from Beverly Hills Sports Council to start his own agency.  Lozano plans to keep Pujols as a client. 

I’m no Cardinals fan but with them battling it out with the Reds, this is no time for their star player to get into a slump possibly fueled by a nagging injury (purely conjecture on my part) or to get involved in any dugout dramas. 

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